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A Smart City applies information and communication technology to aim for the goal of having infrastructure and services to guarantee sustainable development, increased quality of life for citizens and greater resource efficiency for better management of mobility of their inhabitants.
A4Radar is working with City Governments, Large System Integrators and Service Providers to deliver a wide range of smart city solutions based on low maintenance, autonomous Radar devices.

⬤ 01. Challenges

Smart city applications

A4Radar brings to market Radar based sensors for real-time acquisition and processing, able to detect reliably moving or stationary objects and vehicle within smart infrastructures reducing costs and increasing operational efficiency helping to take well-informed mobility decisions.

⬤ 02. Salient features

Take immediate action with A4R Smart City Solutions and improve city operations feeling the impact on overall resources. Some of our selected applications are:

Vehicle Classification per Lane (Street/Road): Reliable data for real time decision-making, facilitating mobility and city adaptability. Counter and Statistics Generator.

Free Flow Profiler: Providing vehicle type classification (car, truck, van, bus, bike…) even at high speeds (higher to 300km/h) increasing traffic flow capacity and infrastructure usability on Tolls, cities, and access control.

Speed Control: Speed Enforcement use or informative feedback solutions for both urban and interurban scenarios.

Parking Management Systems: Covering several parking spots or electric charging points with just one device. No infrastructure required, easy deployment and reliably.

⬤ 02. Shaping innovation

Globally, cities and infrastructures are rapidly evolving. Over the last decade, we have seen exponential growth of smart devices and its impact on humans and business.

Introducing the impressive key performances of the A4R Radar: powerful FMCW Radars operating in the ISM bands without the need for licenses, offering a medium to long range capability of up to 400 meters. These advanced sensors require no maintenance or recalibration, functioning as connected autonomous devices that don’t rely on additional edge devices. With multitarget detection, real-time processing through edge computing, and unrivaled resilience in adverse weather and lighting conditions, including smoke, fog, dust, and rain, these radars remain robust against interference. Their seamless integration as sensors into any customer application or as stand-alone modules makes them versatile and easily adaptable for a wide range of industry needs.

  • FMCW Radars; ISM bands (No license required)
  • Medium to Long Range (up to 400m)
  • No maintenance – No recalibration
  • Connected Autonomous Device (No Edge device required) • Multitarget
  • Real Time Processing – Edge Computing.
  • Uncompromised by adverse weather or lighting conditions (smoke, fog, dust, rain …)
  • Robust against interference
  • Easy integration as a sensor into any customer application or as a stand-alone module


Predictive Maintenance Radar Sensing solution
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We knew what we needed but we didn't have the depth of vision that a radar can give us in 3 and 4D, A4RAD lit our way.

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The ability to offer customised solutions is driven by the strong ability to adapt algorithms and implement them in embedded software.

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