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The Biosensing and eHealth Multipurpose Radar is a breakthrough solution that has revolutionized the healthcare industry by providing a non- invasive and accurate way of monitoring vital signs, such as heart rate and respiratory rate. This innovative radar system was developed by Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar, a leading company in radar technology, with the aim of improving patient outcomes and reducing healthcare costs.

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⬤ 01. Challenges

Scalable solution, capable to measure vital parameters in hospitals, at home or in the workplace

A4Radar provides radar-based sensors with acquisition and processing in real time, for unattended non-contact detection and monitoring of cardiopulmonary activity, movements during sleep, breathing and heart rate. Scalable solution, capable to measure vital parameters in hospitals, at home or in the workplace; and able to locate and position people in real time, privately and non-invasively, under any environmental conditions of light, smoke, or humidity.

⬤ 02. Salient features

Noninvasive Vital Signs: Noncontact heart rate and breathing monitoring.

Indoor People Motion monitoring: Able to provide noninvasive data of presence or detects a fall, or health problems.

Patients Control: at Hospitals, Geriatrics & Newborns (Fetal monitoring and sudden infant death prevention).

People Detection: presence in private areas and/or non-authorized intrusion.

Life Detection: Detecting people in emergencies providing accurate data to detect personnel.

Remote health status monitoring: real time data and long-term monitoring system for TeleHealth.

Automotive InCabin Sensing: Detecting drowsiness state in Driver Monitoring System and Child Presence Detection.

⬤ 02. Shaping innovation

A4Radar is at the forefront of providing radar- based sensors for the detection and monitoring of cardiopulmonary activity, movements during sleep, breathing, and heart rate.

Spectral analysis of respiration. Vital signs monitor

Multipurpose radars are proving to be a valuable tool in the medical care and nursing fields as they allow for the monitoring of human vital signs in a non- intrusive and reliable manner. With the aging population increasing, the need for heart rate monitoring has become essential in avoiding many accidents caused by cardiovascular diseases, which ultimately leads to a reduction in medical costs.


Predictive Maintenance Radar Sensing solution
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