Creative Agency

Biosensing & eHealth

  • Non-Invasive Vital Constants detection
  • Life in Fire Detection
  • Senior home monitoring
  • Falls alert and monitoring
  • Indoor possitioning
  • Security Distance Controller
  • Fetal Monitoring
  • Hospital Monitoring, Geriatrics & Neonatal
  • People detection in Private Areas
  • Workforce Health Monitor
  • Occupancy detection
Creative Agency

4.0 Industry | IOT

  • Water Management Control
  • Material Characterization
  • Motor Vibrations Detector
  • Contour Profiler
  • Intelligent Waste Container
  • Liquid & Solid Container Monitoring
  • Livestock Control
  • Flow Detection (non-invasive)
  • River Overflow Alarms
  • Inventory Control
  • UI+UX Gesture Control
Creative Agency

Smart City & Mobility

  • Smartcity Statistics Generator
  • Vehicle Profiler
  • Traffic Flow Detection
  • Automatic Toll Tax Detection
  • Road Surface Status Control
  • Radar Speed Trap
  • Section Control and Average Speed
  • Parking space detection
  • Intelligent Traffic Light
  • Proximity Control
  • Pedestrian Detector on Traffic Light
  • Bicycle/Skateboard Detector


Human Radar Applications

A practical approach to Health Care for monitoring and improving Quality of Life of people with autonomous devices

Industry 4.0

Industrial Applications

Digitalization and interconnection of products, value chains and business models. Digital transformation processes improving efficiency and increasing productivity to optimize management on collaborative value chains

Mobility & Smartcity

Smartcity & Smartmobility Radar Applications

Deployment of sensors to monitor, trace and detect all types of vehicles and pedestrians allowing security, classification, detection, surveillance and monitoring applications for improving the nextgen city



Detection of life for an advanced portfolio of applications: security, control and surveillance

About Images

Ongoing improvement

We design and develop of our own electronic devices together with the embedded software and algorithms that move them, allowing us to quickly prototype new products and create new solutions in all types of application areas


  • Broad Range of applications
  • Very High Frequency & UWB
  • Low Cost
  • Real Time

System features

  • Reduced form factor
  • Multiple beam configurations
  • 2D (Laser + Speed) and 5D Solutions
  • Ultra Wide Bandwidth selectable
  • Resolutions below 1mm
  • Platform Independent Processing
  • Temporal Multiprocessing
  • Filters for Heartbeat, Breathing and Movement
  • Filters for Speed, Positioning vehicles
  • Constant evolutionary construction of MVP

eHealth Monitoring System

UI+UX User experience | gestual demo

Traffic monitoring

Smart Berthing