Water management, multipurpose radars

Our society depends entirely on water resources in terms of drinking water, the use of household, industrial and agricultural production, so the strategy of water resources management should be based on the harmonization of social, economic, and ecological demands while reducing the impact of human activities on the natural ecosystems and the global environment.

⬤ 01. Challenges

Water losses from canals, reservoirs, and on farmland can be avoided or considerably mitigated by proper planning, design, and appropriate operation of water management projects.

Population growth, ongoing economic development, or risk from floods due extreme weather events, are challenges to solve improving water management practices to be significantly more efficient in order to ensure safety and a continued adequate water supply for present and future needs.

A4Radar highlighting the importance of smart water management as a fundamental element of water life cycle, providing radar-based sensors with acquisition and processing in real time.

⬤ 02. Salient features

Water Meter Sensors: for hydraulic supply and residential water systems.

Sewage Control: Monitoring flow and channel blockage.

Agriculture Irrigation: Helping to save water and significantly reducing energy and labor costs providing water flow sensors.

Liquid and Solid Tank Level: Management and control of silos and tanks reporting in real time the status of stocks.

Flow Sensors: providing accuracy data about water velocity and level to foresee overflow in reivers, dikes, channels, dry riverbeds…acting as an alarm generator.

⬤ 02. Shaping innovation

Achieve Efficient Water Management with A4R Radar Solutions.

The A4R Radar exhibits outstanding key performances that make it a reliable and versatile solution. Equipped with FMCW Radars operating in the ISM bands, no special license is required for their usage.

A4R Radar Key Performances

These radars excel in short and medium-range capabilities, extending up to 25 meters, and they offer hassle-free maintenance with no recalibration needed. With multitarget detection and real-time processing facilitated by edge computing, these radars provide up-to-date and accurate information.

Furthermore, they remain unaffected by adverse environmental conditions such
as smoke, fog, dust, rain, and any lighting challenges. The A4R Radar is also robust against interference, ensuring reliable operation. Its ease of integration as a sensor into any customer application or as a stand- alone solution adds to its versatility and adaptability to various industry needs.


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